You Can Now Get 3D Wolf Underwear Because… Why Not?


In today’s episode of “Yes, apparently this is a thing”, we have wolf underwear, which essentially turns your bulge into the snout of the wolf as it protrudes outward, giving the wolf a 3D look to it. Make your package howl like a wolf as you engage with your lover in relations as you sniff her rear end with your snout. Ya it’s getting a little weird, but we’re just gonna go with it…

Wild underwear.

No longer will your package be confined to the straight lining of regular underwear, with these wolf underwear you have the room of an entire wolf snout to let your business literally hang out and consume as much room in your briefs as needed.

Wolf undies.

A perfect gift idea for a boyfriend, or a gift for your girlfriend (so actually for yourself), the wolf underwear comes in different colors, are made from comfortable high quality material, have a wide waist design for extra comfort, gives you extra space, is super breathable, and uses a U-convex design. Just be aware, if your package isn’t big enough, it may end up looking like a pug or an ewok of some sort.

So where to get this crime against fashion? Just go to Amazon and add it to your cart… if you feel that you are man enough to fill these boxer briefs.

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