TikTok Ban


If Trump fights TikTok as successfully as he fought Covid-19, you'll find it running on your toaster in six weeks with no way to uninstall it.


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  1. Of course if Microsoft buys it, all you’ll ever see is :( Your toaster ran into a problem and needs to restart..

  2. Eric the half bee August 5, 2020

    With Trump it’s hard to work out who is the most stupid, him or his moronic supporters.

    • EatLiverSucksSatanBalls August 6, 2020

      Quick question. Since there is no cure for Covid, as in NO COUNTRY HAS DEVELOPED A CURE, then why is the deaths anyone’s fault. Maybe Cuomo should be held up to the same standards as Trump for his role in the nursing home deaths. Is anyone blaming any other world leader for deaths in their country? France, India, Canada, Mexico? If the virus came from Europe why didn’t the European countries end travel?

    • Brazil, as their president is also still in denial while his people are dying avoidable deaths.

    • @ Sucks. Do you understand the concept of a ‘Leader’? Do you understand people should be looking to Trump for leadership and support? Do you understand Trump should be providing leadership and support to the state Governors no matter what their politics?

      Not just with the virus, but in just about every way, that idiot has failed to provide leadership to his country. Now the place is so divided people are talking about a civil war if he doesn’t get elected.

      The only things that matter to Trump are Trump and his bank balance. He is using the gullibility of the American people to enrich himself and people like you are helping.

  3. Thankfully we’ll soon be able to harvest that great brainpower from Biden.

    • He seems slightly more intelligent than Trump. And it seems he sniffs at women instead of grabbing them by the p… So, it would be a win for you.

    • Yeah it’s a hard decision for the Americans.

      Do you re-elect someone who has consistence failed as President, steals from a charity to fund his election and even goes as far as releasing his convicted mates and a murderer from prison.

      Or do you elect a boring man whose main attribute is he understand how a government works?

      A hard decision in deed

  4. Mr. mandude August 5, 2020

    The fact that anyone would want to install China spyware on their phone is amazing to me. I know what you will say next “so its OK if its USA spyware”? NO, its not. But this is a free country and if you want to install it on your phone then go for it.

    • If you have TikTok on your phone when you are over thirteen, you’re really not worth spying on. It’s for kids, there’s really not much the Chinese could get out of it.

  5. I hope Bidens keepers allow him to debate. They’ll need to invoke the mercy rule like in kids sports within the first 10 minutes. It should be fun.

    I’m no lover of Trump but i wouldn’t trust Biden to run a kids lemonade stand for 15 minutes and the rest of the party puts their hatred of Trump and pandering to special causes far ahead of the American people.

    • US is a shithole country when it comes to politics, justice and society.

  6. It’s funny how Biden supporters are willing to support a senile pedophile and lifetime plagiarist just because their sheepherders tell them to and they are told to never listen to opposing views for fear that their brains may explode if they actually have to use them to process two side of an argument. It’s much easier for them to let others tell them what to think.


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